The Plesk Firewall (Windows)

The firewall component allows you to protect a server from incoming network connections that could be used to compromise the server's security. The firewall comes with a set of predefined rules that allow connections to the services required for the proper functioning of a hosting server, such as web hosting, mail hosting, and FTP.

Turning the Firewall On and Off

In clean installations, the firewall is switched on. You can switch it off and on again at any time using the corresponding button on the Tools & Settings > Firewall page.


Viewing and Managing Allowed Inbound Connections

By default, the firewall blocks all inbound connections that are not explicitly allowed. To view the currently applied firewall rules for inbound connections, go to Tools & Settings > Firewall > Firewall Rules tab. On this tab, you can do the following:

Allowing and Blocking ICMP Communications

ICMP communications are used for network troubleshooting purposes. By default, all ICMP communications are allowed. For a detailed description of ICMP messages, please refer to

To block or to allow ICMP communications:

  1. Go to Tools & Settings > Firewall > ICMP Protocol.

    The predefined rules for ICMP communications are listed. The S (status) column shows the Icon_stopped icon if the firewall blocks the packets that match the rule, and the Icon_running icon if the firewall allows the packets that match the rule to pass through.

  2. Do any of the following: