Backing Up Data

Plesk can backup the following data:

You can perform backup manually at any time, or schedule it for a specific time. For example, make the full backup once a day at night time when the number of site visits is minimal. To get the details on scheduling backups, refer to the section Scheduling Backups.

Full and Incremental Backups

Plesk supports two types of backup:

Plesk includes in incremental backups the following data:

Storing Backups

There are two ways of storing backups in Plesk:

Creating Password-protected Backups

You can secure sensitive data in your backups by protecting them with a password. Protection makes it impossible for an attacker to reveal backup data if the security of your external backup storage is compromised.

You can specify a backup password in the following circumstances:

When uploading these backups back to Plesk and restoring them, you will be prompted to provide the password you used for protection.

Important: If you forget the password you used for backup protection, it cannot be recovered. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to keep a list of your passwords and corresponding backup file names in a safe place.

Configuring Plesk for Working with an FTP Storage

If you are going to use an FTP server for storing backup files, you should specify its settings in Websites & Domains > Backup Manager > FTP Storage Settings. Click Use FTP storage and specify the following:


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