These parameters (located at Service Plans > select a plan > the Mail section) define the mail service provided with the plan.


Switch on the mail service

Turns on or off the mail service on all newly created subscriptions.


Provides the webmail service, which allows users of mailboxes within the subscription to work with their mail using a web-based mail application.

Note: the "Webmail" parameter acts as a preset, and is only applied during the creation of subscription. Changing the parameter for an existing service plan will not result in the webmail clients for subscriptions already created based on that plan changing.

Switch on mailing lists

Turns on the mailing lists service provided by the GNU Mailman software on the subscription's websites.

Note: This parameter is not synced if the permission Mailing lists management is selected.

Policy on mail for non-existent users

Defines how mail server should treat email messages sent to email addresses that are supposed to be registered under the subscription's domains but actually do not exist. The following options are available:

Settings for outgoing mail control