Note: The overuse policy does not apply to the limits set on size of mailboxes. Therefore, even if you enable overuse, be sure to allocate enough disk space to mailboxes.

Overselling policy

Defines whether a reseller can sell more resources than allocated to them with the plan.

If overselling is allowed, a reseller is governed by actual resource usage instead of initial resource allocation. Overselling is a marketing strategy based on the following scheme: a reseller, who was allotted, for example, ten gigabytes of disk space, allocates five gigabytes of disk space for each of their customers, assuming that none of them will actually use all of their allocated disk space.


Defines the total number of customer accounts that a reseller can create.

Other Resources

Note: Other resources have the same meaning as the ones defined in the hosting plans and subscriptions. The only difference is that a reseller does not use the provided resources directly, but redistributes them by means of service subscriptions they create for their customers or for hosting their own websites.