Managing Additional User Accounts

When a subscription is created, a user account for the subscription owner is created along with it. This is the account that you use to log in to Plesk. You can perform any operations for which the hosting provider has granted permissions. However, you may want to give another person - for example, another employee of your organization, or a contractor - access to Plesk so that they may perform some operation. But what if you do not want them to have full control over your subscription while they are logged in?

In this case, you can create additional users who will be able to log in to Plesk and have access to certain, predefined functionality, such as creating mailboxes, managing databases, or performing backups. The functionality available to additional users is determined by creating, configuring, and assigning user roles to additional users.

To create an additional user account, go to Users > User Accounts and click Create User Account.


You will need to provide details such as the user's contact name, email, username, and password. You should pay particular attention to the following settings:

User roles are used to define what Plesk functionality is available to additional users. Every additional user must have a user role assigned to them, and every role includes a set of permissions that determine what operations users who are assigned that role can perform in Plesk.

To create a user role, go to Users > User Roles and click Create User Role.


You will be presented with a list of permissions. For every permission, select either "Granted" or "Denied". For every permission you mark as "Granted", additional users assigned this role will be able to perform a number of particular operations. Here is a complete list of available permissions and their descriptions:

Note that the permissions included in user roles are overridden by the permissions configured on the subscription level. For example, if the hosting provider disables the Spam filter management permission for your subscription, neither the subscription owner nor any of the additional users they create will be able to change SpamAssassin settings, even if they are granted the Configure spam filter permission in their user role.

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