After Upgrading to Plesk Onyx

This chapter is intended for the users who switched to Plesk Onyx either from Plesk 9 and earlier. The chapter describes the main changes in the business model of Plesk Onyx compared to these products.

Compared to the previous versions of Plesk software (Plesk 9 and earlier), Plesk Onyx introduces the following changes:

What Happens When You Upgrade or Migrate to Plesk Onyx

When you upgrade or migrate to Plesk Onyx, accounts, domains, users, and domain templates are transformed according to the following schemes:

The following table summarizes the conversion of business objects.

Objects in previous versions of Plesk

Objects in Plesk Onyx

Reseller account

Reseller account

Client account

Customer account


Subscription (Custom)

Domain administrator account

User account

Reseller template

Reseller plan

Domain template

Hosting plan