Image Slider

The Image Slider module enables you to add a slide show with multiple images and various transition effects. The following image formats are supported: GIF, JPEG, and PNG.

Images are not resized automatically; for this reason, we recommend that you upload images of the same dimensions. Otherwise, the slide show will not look good.

When adding images, you can add descriptions to them and link the images to specific pages of your website.

The following transition effects are supported:

The effect names might tell you little about how the effects look, so it is better to see them in action. To do this, add the Image Slider module, upload at least two images, go to the module settings (Settings tab), and select an effect from the Transition effect menu.

To add Image Slider to your site and upload pictures:

  1. Go to the Modules tab, select Image Slider, and drag the module to the page.
  2. Click Add Images, select the images that you want to upload, and click OK.

    You can select and upload multiple images at once. We recommend that you use resized images that do not exceed 1024 x 768 pixels.

    Once you have uploaded images, you can arrange them in the desired order, and remove them. To do any of these actions, place the mouse pointer over an image thumbnail, and use the corresponding icons: .

  3. To add an image description, select a thumbnail, and type the text into the Description box.
  4. To add a link to a webpage, select a thumbnail, select the option Link to a webpage, and select the page from the menu below.
  5. Click the Settings tab and select the desired transition effect from the Transition effect menu.
  6. Specify how long each image must be shown.
  7. Specify whether the round navigation icons for switching between slides must be shown.

    The option Inside will show the icons over the images, in the upper right corner of Image Slider, and Below will show the icons below the images.

  8. Specify whether the navigation arrows for switching between slides must be shown.
  9. Click OK.

To remove an image from the slide show:

Click on the slide show block, place the mouse pointer over the image thumbnail, and click the icon .

To remove a slide show with all pictures:

Place the mouse pointer over the slide show block and click Remove.