Plesk Repair Utility: File System

Using the Plesk repair utility with the fs aspect checks integrity and structure of the file system. It is possible to check the system files (which are critical for Plesk) and/or the virtual hosts' files on the server. You can also specify individual domains to check the specified domains' files only.

Note: This aspect is applicable to Plesk on Linux only.

The repair utility with the fs aspect allows you to detect and fix the following problems:

In addition, the absence of mandatory files or directories can be detected (but not fixed).

The following options are specific to this aspect:

If none of these options is used, both the system files and the virtual hosts’ files are checked.

If the individual domain is specified, then the files will be checked for this domain only. If any other options (-system, -vhosts) are used in this case, they will be ignored.