Restoring Data From Backup Archives

You can restore data from backup files kept in Plesk's storage on the server, a custom FTP storage, and you can upload a backup file in a ZIP archive (on Windows systems) or tar archive (on Linux systems), and then restore data from it.

To restore data from a backup file:

  1. Go to Tools & Utilities > Backup Manager.
  2. Click the backup file name. You can se a short summary about the backup, including the creation date, the creator's username, the backup size, and the type of content included in the backup.
  3. Choose what data to restore from the backup. You can select any combination of the following:
  4. You can also choose to suspend all domains until the restoration is complete to ensure consistency, and to have an email notification sent to the specified email address once all the data has been restored.
  5. Click Restore.