Getting Familiar With Presence Builder

The interface of the Presence Builder editor has two main parts: your website and the main menu.

A website consists of a number of elements, or modules. Each module can be edited separately. Here we will familiarize you with the basic principles of website module editing. These are similar for all modules.

When adding a module to a page, you can choose whether it should be shown only on the current page, on all pages of the site, only on the front page, and on all pages except the front page:

To locate or edit a website module, hover the mouse pointer over the part of the website you want to change. A frame will appear around the module. A control panel prompting you to move, edit, or remove the module will appear next to it.

The frame around modules in CONTENT areas is green, but around the modules in DESIGN areas it is blue.

The editor's main menu offers website editing options grouped under five tabs:

From the main menu, you can also do the following:

You can drag the main menu to any place on the page for your convenience, or minimize it.

You can also access all options of the main menu in the context menu at any place on the page. To open the context menu, click the right mouse button.