Mail Settings of Domains

You can configure the following mail service settings for individual domains (Mail tab > select a domain > Mail Settings):

Note: Some capabilities, such as DKIM, webmail, or mailing lists, might be unavailable depending on your hosting plan and Plesk's server-wide settings.


To configure mail service for an individual domain:

  1. Go to Websites & Domains and find the domain for which you want to change mail settings.
  2. Click Mail Settings in the domain's settings.
  3. Edit settings and click OK.

To configure mail service for multiple domains at once:

  1. Go to Mail > the Mail Settings tab.
  2. Select several domains in the list of domains, by clicking the corresponding checkboxes.
  3. Click the corresponding buttons on the toolbar (Activate/Deactivate Services, Webmail, Mail for Non-Existent Users, or Limit Outgoing Messages) and edit the settings.

    All the selected domains will have the same mail service settings.

To set up a custom DMARC or SPF policy for your domain:

Go to Websites & Domains > navigate to the domain > DNS Settings and edit the DNS records related to SPF or DMARC. For example, this record contains the Plesk's default DMARC policy:

_dmarc.<your domain>.	TXT	v=DMARC1; p=none

For information on DMARC and SPF, including policy notations, refer to: