Branding and Themes

You can configure your own branding for Plesk by modifying page titles and logo.

By default, when Plesk is opened in a browser, the page title includes the name of the Plesk screen the user is currently on and the Plesk version (for example, "Home - Plesk Onyx 17.5.3"). You can set a custom page title, replacing the Plesk version with your own text (for example, "Home - My Custom Title").

To set a custom page title:

  1. Go to Tools & Settings > Branding (under Plesk Appearance).
  2. Clear the Use default checkbox next to the "Title text" field, type the desired page title in the field, and then click OK.

Logo is a banner found in the top left corner of the screen when you log in to Plesk. By default, this banner displays the Plesk logo together with the name of your Plesk edition (for example, "Plesk web host edition"). You can replace the default logo with an image of your choice, and also to make it a clickable hyperlink. Certain restrictions apply to the logo file:

To customize the logo:

  1. Go to Tools & Settings > Branding (under Plesk Appearance).
  2. Click Choose File, locate the file, and then click Open.
  3. To make the logo a clickable hyperlink, select the Value radiobutton and type in the desired URL.
  4. Click OK.