Adding and Removing Custom Buttons

For easy access to Internet resources from the Plesk interface, you can create custom buttons that will be displayed in Websites & Domains of customers and resellers, or on your Home page. You can use this functionality, for example, to provide a link to your company's website, to a helpdesk, or to a custom web application. Clicking a custom button takes the user to the pre-configured address. Additional information, such as the user's contact name, subscription ID, or FTP username and password, can be passed along as well. The custom buttons can be reserved for your personal use, or shared with other users and resellers.

To add a custom button, go to Tools & Settings > Custom Buttons (in the Plesk Appearance group) and click Add Link to Service. Configure your custom button with the following parameters:

To change the properties of a custom button, go to Tools & Settings > Custom Buttons, then click the name of the button you want to modify. To remove one or more custom buttons, select the corresponding checkboxes and click Remove.