Configuring Watchdog Settings

First, go to Extensions > My Extensions to check if Watchdog is installed in Plesk . If it is not, install the Watchdog system monitoring component (it is located under "Plesk extensions").

After you install it, you should configure the settings common for all Watchdog services, and then switch on each specific type of service you need.

To configure Watchdog settings common for all services:

  1. Go to Extensions > Watchdog. A list of Plesk services will be displayed.
  2. Go to the Preferences tab.
  3. Specify the following settings:
  4. Click Apply to submit the settings.

You have specified the general settings, and now you can further customize and run the Watchdog services you need. Monitoring of system services and monitoring of disk space usage require fine tuning before you can start them, however, regular security scanning requires no additional setup and therefore will start immediately after you have specified the general settings. By default, security scanning is started at 2 a.m. local time at the beginning of the specified time period.