Backing Up and Restoring Data

With the data backup and restore functions provided by your Plesk, you can perform the following operations:

The table below describes what data is stored in backups containing only configuration, and those containing both configuration and content.

What is backed up

What is included

Reseller's configuration

  • Reseller's personal settings
  • Service plans and subscriptions
  • Settings and configuration of customer accounts, sites, databases, mailboxes, mailing lists.
  • SSL/TLS certificates.
  • DNS information.

Reseller's configuration and content

All of the above, plus:

  • Web sites' content.
  • Emails' content.
  • Mailing lists' content.
  • Databases' content.
  • Logs and statistics.
  • Custom error pages.

In this chapter:

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Downloading Backup Files from Server

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