Changing Branding and Interface Settings

This chapter describes how to select Plesk's interface language, prohibit multiple sessions under your account, select the interface view, rebrand Plesk, and add links to external sites or web applications.

Change Interface Language

In addition to English (United States), Plesk can be viewed in a number of other languages. See the full list of supported languages in the Localization Guide.

If you want to switch Plesk to any of these languages, go to My Profile > Interface Preferences.


Prohibiting Multiple Sessions Under Your Account

By default Plesk allows multiple simultaneous sessions for several users logged in to Plesk using the same login and password combination. This can be useful when delegating management functions to other users or in case if you accidentally close your browser without logging out, thus becoming unable to log in again until your session expires. If you do not need this capability, to switch it off, go to My Profile > Interface Preferences and clear the Allow multiple sessions checkbox.

Changing Plesk View

Depending on your goals, Plesk provides two different views you can choose from when working with Plesk:

Read more about the views in Interface Views.

To quickly change your view, go to My Profile > Interface Preferences and select your interface.

You also can quickly change the interface view by clicking Change View in the left bottom part of the page.


Add Branded Content

To disguise the fact that you are reselling another company's hosting resources, you can add your own branded content to Plesk. Specifically, this content may be the following:

To change any of these settings, go to Tools & Utilities > Plesk Branding.

Add Links to Websites and Applications

If you want to have quick access from Plesk to certain websites and applications, or wish to provide your customers with such access, create custom buttons. The buttons may lead to web resources, such as your corporate site, or to a web application that can process online requests and accept additional information about the users clicking the buttons. You can place these buttons on your Home page for yourself or in the Customer Panel for your customers.

You can place the buttons in the following locations of the Reseller Panel and the Customer Panel, and decide who should be able to see them:

You can specify what information about users should be passed:

To add a custom hyperlink button to the Reseller Panel or the Customer Panel:

  1. Go to Tools & Utilities > Custom Buttons (in the Plesk Management group), and click Create Custom Button.
  2. Specify the following properties of the button:
  3. Click Finish to complete creation.

To remove a custom button from the Plesk, go to Tools & Utilities > Custom Buttons (in the Plesk Management group), select the corresponding checkbox and click Remove.