After Upgrading to Plesk Onyx
Expand About Plesk
Expand Web Servers
Expand Web Hosting
Expand Mail
Expand DNS
Expand Database Servers
Expand Server Administration
Expand Plesk Administration
Collapse Customizing the Plesk Interface
   Expand Appearance and Branding
   Expand Using Custom Themes
   Collapse Hiding and Changing Plesk GUI Elements
      Expand Domain Registration and Management Services
      Expand SSL/TLS Certificates Selling Services
      Expand Link to Provider's Website
      Expand Presence Builder Buttons
      Expand Mail Service Controls
      Expand Promos
      Expand Link to Online Support Service
      Expand The Facebook Like Button
      Expand The Twitter Follow Button
      Expand Product Rating Widget
      Collapse RSS Feeds
          Location of RSS Feeds
          Adding RSS Feeds
          Hiding RSS Feeds
      Expand Voting for New Features
Expand Plesk Updates and Upgrades
Expand Plesk Extensions
Expand Statistics and Monitoring
Expand Backing Up and Restoration
Expand File Sharing
Expand Customers and Resellers
Expand Website Management
Expand Appendix A: Properties of Hosting Plans and Subscriptions
Expand Appendix B: Properties of Reseller Plans and Subscriptions