System Services

Plesk allows you to install and use various services like antiviruses, mail servers, FTP servers, database servers, and so on. They enhance security, facilitate operations and customize your Plesk with useful additional features. You can monitor the status of services from the Plesk interface, and also start, stop, and restart them. On Plesk for Windows servers, you can also configure the service startup type.

System Services Menu

To see the list of services, go to Tools & Settings > Server Management > Services Management.


The image-78390.png icon next to the name of a service indicates that it is currently running. The image-78391.png icon indicates that the service is currently stopped.

To start, stop and restart a service

To start a service:

Click the  image-78392.png icon corresponding to the service you wish to start.

To stop a service:

Click the  image-78393.png icon corresponding to the service you wish to stop.

To restart a service:

Click the image-78399.png icon corresponding to the service you wish to restart.

If all icons are inactive, one of the following can be the reason:

  • The corresponding component is not installed. Install it as described here.
  • Your license key doesn’t support this service. Contact your sales representative to inquire about the license.

To change a service startup type

On Plesk for Windows servers, you can specify the startup type for any service:

  1. In the “Startup Type” column, click the currently selected startup type for the service.
  2. In the pop-up window select the desired startup type.
  3. Click OK.

To learn more about service startup types in Windows, read here.