Plesk UI Notifications

Apart from automatic email notifications, Plesk Obsidian also shows notifications about certain events in the Plesk UI, in a separate pane. To see these notifications, click the image-bell icon in the upper right corner of the screen.

Events in automatic email notifications and Plesk UI notifications are different. Plesk shows notifications about events that are critical, important, or more convenient to read directly in Plesk rather than in an email message. At the moment, Plesk shows notifications about the following types of events:

  • Plesk updates are available.
  • A Plesk update has been or has not been installed.
  • One of the parameters monitored by Server Health reached the “red” alert level.
  • A ModSecurity rule or rule set has been installed, and so on.

Viewing Notifications

Critical notifications are first shown as pop-out messages and then added to the notification pane. Other notifications are added to the notification pane in the background.

The image-bell icon will then show if you have unread notifications. To read them, click the icon.

On the notification pane, you can also:

  • Search for notifications.
  • Filter which notifications to show.
  • Mark all notifications as read.

Configuring Notifications

You can choose which notifications to see and specify for how many days to store them. To do so, click the image-bell icon in the upper right corner of the screen and then click the image-gear icon.