Remote Access (Windows)

The remote desktop (RDP) access feature allows you to remotely log in to the Plesk server and interact with it using standard Microsoft Windows desktop interface.


The remote desktop access feature can only be used in Internet Explorer. If you are using a different browser, you must install an extension emulating Internet Explorer to use this feature.

To access the server via Remote Desktop interface:

  1. Go to Tools & Settings > Remote Desktop.

  2. Select the desired screen resolution for the session in the Screen resolution for terminal session menu.


    Higher resolutions are more taxing for your connection, decreasing the interaction speed and spending more bandwidth.

  3. Click OK. A new window will open with an area where your interaction with the server’s desktop will take place.

  4. Log in to the system. By default, Plesk uses the subscription’s FTP username. You can supply any valid username and password.

  5. After logging in to the system you can start working with it as with a regular Windows desktop.

To finish your Remote Desktop session:

  • Close the browser window with the remote desktop session. This way, the session you had will be detached from your desktop, but it will keep running on the server, so when you log in there next time, you will see the remote desktop in the state you left it,


  • Select Start > Log off if you want to quit the session permanently (all running sessions consume the server’s resources).