Statistics and Reports

Plesk stores statistics and provides reports on attempts to exceed limits that were made by each Plesk object – mailbox, domain, or subscription. Statistics are stored for a month, but all reports are created for the reporting period - a time interval within the last month (for example, a day, two days, a week, and so on). You can configure this period in Tools & Settings > Mail Server Settings > Switch on limitations on outgoing email messages > Show reports based on statistics for the last (specify a time period).

To view reports about attempts to exceed limits on outgoing mail:

Go to Tools & Settings > Outgoing Mail Control and select the tab with the information you need:

  • To see summarized information, go to the General tab, which shows the number of Plesk objects that have attempted to exceed limits, and the list of such objects.

  • Objects that do not exceed the limits have the Sending mail status. If an object has reached its limit, its mail status changes to Not Sending.


    If Plesk is installed with SmarterMail, outbound mail limits are set up on the SmarterMail side by means of SmarterMail API. In this case, no filtering is done by Plesk. As a result, the mail status of Plesk objects is not available.

  • To see details about a certain Plesk object, go to the corresponding tab (Email Addresses, Domains, or Subscriptions), click the required object and view the report Attempts to send mail after reaching the limit.

    Also, in the Sent messages section, daily per-hour statistics are available for a certain Plesk object: You can see the number of attempts to send excessive mail for each hour of a certain day.


The Outgoing Mail Control link is displayed only if the limitations are switched on in the mail server settings.