Plesk Obsidian Licensing

Licenses Overview

Plesk has three editions: Web Admin, Web Pro, and Web Host. Each license is available in one of two platform types:

  • VPS, fits any virtualization platform: Virtuozzo (containers and VMs), VMware, Xen, Hyper-V, and so on.
  • Dedicated, can be installed on either a VPS or a dedicated server.

Upgrades and downgrades between editions are available only for monthly lease licenses. The following upgrade paths are available:

  • From Web Admin to Web Pro or Web Host
  • From Web Pro to Web Host

Upgrading is also possible only within a license’s platform type: VPS licenses can be upgraded to VPS licenses, while dedicated licenses can be upgraded only to dedicated ones.

Plesk editions include the following extensions:

Extension Web Admin Web Pro Web Host
WordPress Toolkit Yes No* No*
Security Core with Atomic Standard ModSecurity rules from Atomicorp Yes Yes Yes
Developer Pack Yes No* No*

* The paid extension is not available for an edition when it is already included in the edition.

If a lower edition license with a paid extension is upgraded to a higher edition where the extension is included, the extension becomes free. If a license with a free extension is downgraded back to a lower edition where the extension is not included, the extension becomes paid again.

Software Upgrade Services (SUS)

Previously, SUS was included in domain features. For Plesk Onyx and Obsidian, the domain limit is a part of the license type; therefore SUS for purchased licenses should be available as a separate feature: 1 year SUS for Plesk (Purchased). SUS is mandatory during the initial purchase.

Compatibility With Old Licenses

Plesk Onyx and Obsidian work with Plesk 10.x/11.x/12.x or later lease licenses.

Purchased licenses for earlier versions of Plesk can be upgraded to Plesk Onyx and later if they have the SUS feature. Learn more about upgrading licenses.