By default, your Plesk works in cooperation with a mail server, which enables you to run the mail services on the same machine on which you host websites.

The mail server settings are available in Tools & Settings > the Mail group. For details, see Configuring Server-Wide Mail Settings.

Mail Server Software

By default, the Postfix mail server and Courier IMAP are installed on Plesk for Linux, and MailEnable on Plesk for Windows.

Other supported software is Qmail and Dovecot on Linux (shipped with Plesk), and IceWarp or SmarterMail on Windows (need to be installed separately). For details, see Using Other Mail Server Software.

Using Plesk Without the Mail Server

Using the mail server in Plesk is optional. Plesk for Linux allows you to switch off or uninstall the mail service for all domains hosted on your server. On Windows, you cannot uninstall the default mail server, but you can change the server’s configuration to prohibit outgoing mail.

Learn about using Plesk without the mail server in Using Plesk Without the Mail Server.

Removing Mail Functionality from the Customer Panel

You may want to prohibit your users from operating mail services, without you uninstalling the mail server. In this case, you can hide some mail-related UI elements. For details, see Removing Mail Functionality from the Customer Panel.

Next in this chapter, we will provide details on how to configure various aspects of the mail service for domains hosted on your server.